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We have 2 types of service to choose from:


  1. Valuing the rental that your property can achieve.
  2. Marketing your property to the public.
  3. Finding a suitable tenant; carrying out viewings; and carrying out the reference and credit checks before moving them in.
  4. Providing you with an up-to-date tenancy agreement and ensuring that it is signed.
  5. Collecting the first month’s rent and deposit and forwarding this to you.


  1. All of the above included in the Tenant Find Only Service plus
  2. Collecting the monthly rent from the tenant and forwarding this to you.
  3. Placing the deposit in the Government “Deposit Protection Scheme” as required by law.
  4. Inspections of the property every 3 to 6 months to ensure that it is being properly maintained.
  5. Preparing a photo Inventory so that any damage to the property will be recoverable through the deposit.
  6. Full Maintenance Service – If any problems should occur with the plumbing, boiler or electricity then we will send out our qualified in-house tradesmen to fix them. General building repairs, locksmiths, damp inspections, Energy Performance Certificates and Gas Safety Certificates are also available.
  7. Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurance – Therefore, in the event that a tenant failed to pay then you would still receive your rent and the legal costs of evicting the tenant will be covered.